Shop with Scrip

Shop with Scrip is an easy fund-raiser with a proven track record.  When we say easy, we mean that it is easy on the congregant to use and costs them NOTHING.   

All you do is shop as usual, except instead of using cash or a credit/debit card,you use a gift card, which you purchase through Congregation Kol Am.   For every purchase you make using that gift card, Kol Am gets a percentage.

There are over 700 participating stores, hotels, restaurants and resorts, and you can peruse the list to see if your favorite choices are included.  The odds are yes!  The most current list can be reviewed here.  Our Order Form includes about 30 of these stores, but you can order from any of them.  If your store(s) are not on the order form, please add the name on the order form, or add a second blank page with the information.

We have five congregants who are serving on our Scrip Committee, and you can contact any of them to get further information.  

 We look forward to having you participate in this project, and together we can make a real difference for our congregation.